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As you may have noticed, today’s publish is a bit different than the workwear style messages you’re utilized to seeing on Memorandum.  In the last year as well as a half, this blog has focused on providing style motivation for working women across all industries, as well as make no mistake, this will continue to be the central focus of Memorandum and the large majority of posts.  However, over the past practically two years, I’ve gotten countless emails from numerous of you asking for guidance on other elements of your busy lives, as well as I believed it was high time I started responding to these requests.  When as well as exactly how do you in shape a workout into the work week? Where do you travel during those sacred days off?  How did you discover the best wedding event gown for you?

Undoubtedly, working women are much much more than just their work. You go out, you workout, you get married, you travel, as well as much more. So at the request of numerous of you, I’m going to begin including material from time to time that talks to these other elements of a working gal’s lifestyle.  I’m so grateful for all the emails as well as comments that you’ve sent therefore far; please keep them coming as well as let me understand what you’re thinking about hearing about!

For now, let’s take a look at wedding event Memo, Episode One: discovering the best wedding event Dress…

Most of my finest good friends are not married yet, so when I got participated in November, I was utterly clueless about the entire process.  Also, unlike a few of my wedding-obsessed girlfriends, I didn’t have twenty pinterest boards with every last detail of my future nuptials organized out.  I was starting at square one, as well as needed all the assist I might get.  I’m thrilled to state that I’ve now lastly discovered my dress, as well as although I won’t be divulging any type of details of my own wedding event gown in advancement of our August wedding, I believed I’d share a few suggestions that I learned during the search that I believe may be helpful for others beginning the process.

In conjunction with my wedding event gown suggestions below, I’m likewise sharing some snaps today from the amazing experience my finest good friend as well as I had at Nordstrom’s wedding event Suite.  While every city has lots of amazing bridal boutiques, Nordstrom wedding event Suites are found around the US, so worthwhile to mention for numerous of you that are wondering where to begin as well as online in all corners of the country.  To be totally honest, when a sweetheart of mine suggested I make an visit at Nordstrom, I was totally amazed as well as extremely hesitant to do it.  While you understand I’m a significant Nordstrom fan, a huge department store was certainly not what I visualized as the suitable location to look for a wedding event dress.  Nevertheless, on her recommendation, my finest good friend as well as I made an visit as well as were blown away.  Although it is situated in a big department store, the wedding event Suite is totally set apart as well as the experience is as customized as well as intimate as any type of experience I have had in stand-alone boutiques.  Also, unlike their routine merchandise, the choice in-store far surpasses what they have online, as well as the bridal consultants that I dealt with might not have been nicer, or much more knowledgeable.  As you can most likely tell from the pictures, we had tons of fun.

 Dress by Amsale

Dress by Rosa Clara

…and then I found POCKETS in this Rosa Clará dress…

Photography by Melanie Riccardi

My outfit: DRESS: totally free people (similar right here as well as here)  |  Belt: old however similar right here  |  Shoes: Franco Sarto (similar right here as well as here)

I likewise have to preface the below suggestions with the mention that I have checked out tons of similar lists in wedding event magazines as well as books on what you requirement to understand before wedding event gown shopping.  I’d suggest taking a look through these types of resources before you begin looking.  However, below, I wished to share the suggestions that were many practical to me that I didn’t see anywhere on the internet or in magazines, however rather got from good friends or learned on my own…

1) try ON gowns THAT YOU HATE

At the very first few appointments, force yourself to try on dresses that you otherwise believe you would never choose.  If you believe you’re set on a mermaid-style silhouette, try those on, however likewise try on some a-line gowns to compare.  Same goes for necklines.  Have your heart set on strapless?  Try a few that aren’t.  This process will either (a) assist solidify your preconceived preferences as great ones, or (b) make you recognize that something you never believed of—perhaps a fit-and-flare silhouette or v-neck, for example—is really much much more lovely for your body type.  You can’t depend on exactly how a gown looks on a design in wedding event magazines to provide you a reasonable concept of exactly how it will look on you.  I’m so glad I forced myself to try on great deals of different styles at the outset, since the gown that I selected in the end is completely different than the gown I imagined going in.


In addition to staying true to your personal style, believe about the location you’re getting married in.  If you don’t have a location yet, don’t purchase a gown yet!  The location as well as style (if you have one) of your wedding event can considerably effect your gown choice.  For example, a large, heavily embellished sphere gown-style gown may look out of location at an intimate garden wedding.  Similarly, a easy boho-style gown may look out of location in a grand ballroom.  Ideally as well as within reason, whatever ought to meld together.


I’m always mystified by truth TV shows that feature brides coming into a bridal shop with a posse of 18 opinionated good friends as well as household members.  From my experience, I recommend keeping the group down to as few as possible.  For me, this was just my mom and my finest friend—two people that understand me as well as my style best, as well as likewise whose viewpoint I truly trust.  When there are as well numerous cooks in the kitchen area with great deals of opinions as well as commonly varying tastes, the experience can be very stressful.


A great deal of things look amazing when you’re standing still in front of a mirror.  However, believe about the type of wedding event you expect to have.  For example, my fiancé as well as I like to dance, so I need a gown that I can relocation conveniently in.  This is something to keep in mind with regards to your leg movement, however likewise your arm movement.  If there’s a sleeve that avoids you from conveniently lifting your arms when you’re dancing (or hugging people in a receiving line), you may want to rethink.  Also, as well as especially for gowns that are fitted with the body (i.e. tight with your bum and/or thighs), make sure that you can sit conveniently for long periods of time.  Then, make sure that when you stand up, the material isn’t riddled with deep crease lines or gapping around the stomach/hips area from being stretched while seated for an extended period of time.

5)  PAY interest TO lining as well as UNDERGARMENTS

Think about what undergarments you’re going to requirement to look excellent and feel comfortable.  In the exact same vein, pay interest to the lining of the gowns you’re considering.  I got excellent guidance from a sweetheart who just recently got married as well as didn’t recognize up until she was a few hours into her wedding event day that the lining of her gown’s skirt was extremely itchy as well as hot.  Make sure you believe not only about exactly how the gown looks after you’ve had it on for five minutes in an air conditioned bridal salon, however likewise exactly how it may feel after you’ve been in it for hours—sitting, standing, reaching, dancing.


Before putting an order, make sure you keep in mind what type of shoes you hope to wear.  If you have your heart set on a four-inch pair of Manolos, make sure your gown can fit the additional height.  This should always be discussed with you at the bridal beauty salon before putting an order, however it’s great to keep it in mind.  Additionally, it’s essential to believe not only about the ideal shoes you want to wear in pictures and the ceremony, however likewise about the shoes that you’ll want to spend the entire evening in.  If you have your heart set on a pair of very high heels, however can’t spend 8+ hours in them, you may want to rethink your strategy, or have a much more comfortable pair to switch into for dancing.  If this is the case, you ought to keep in mind exactly how that impacts your gown length.  If you switch from four-inch heels to flats, you’re going to potentially have an additional four inches of gown dragging on the floor that might be a major tripping hazard.   as well as unless you’re Sandra Bullock, you just don’t come back from that.

Did I miss anything major?  Let me understand in the comments : )

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